Sticky Note

Feb. 17th, 2018

[ 14 ]

60 days until Tribeca. 80 days until Cannes. Exciting and exhausting, but worth it all. I've already started working out ideas for what my next film will be. Hopefully once the festival circuit ends, I can get to planning that better and maybe even setting a date for principal photography.


Feb. 6th, 2018

[ 13 ] Van

I realize I don't really associate with a majority of the girls here because they're utterly stupid or trying to get into each other's pants, so I'm afraid you're stuck with this.

I may have suggested something to Galad for his birthday and I'm not exactly sure how to make it work without . . . going all in?

Jan. 20th, 2018

[ 12 ]

I should have announced this some time ago but time flies. My film has been accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. Myself and the three leads of my film will be flying to Utah next week for the film's premiere. It's been my dream all my life to do this been a long journey with a lot of work, but I'm pleased with the results. It's not perfect but it's the best I can make it for now. Keep an eye out on Twitter! You may see it mentioned.

You'll be attending, of course. Mr. Farrell will speak with your teachers to let them know if your absence next week.

Think you could find a way to get to Utah for the premiere?


Dec. 8th, 2017

[ 11 ] Filters

My parents would like to invite you to our home for Yule this year. You and your family. Also, I've had a concerned party approach me about one of your . . . entertainments.

Finally, what are we doing next Wednesday?

[ GIL ]
I don't expect a response, so don't feel obligated to give one. My parents are hoping to host yours for Yule, and if my father can negotiate properly, it's going to happen. I thought I would warn you, should you not already have plans on how to dodge a holiday with me and my family.

[ VAN ]
How pleased are you with your final product? Do you ever look through it and feel like you wanted to add something or wish you filmed something differently?

Hello, dear. I want to know how interested you are in performing with the school for whatever useless and generic play whatever they have planned for the spring. I ask because I am going to be approaching the local theatre about staging Shaw's Pygmalion and I was hoping to have you audition for the role of Eliza. Do get back to me when you have the time.

Nov. 7th, 2017

[ 10 ]

Samhain past and Yule approaching quickly. The semester has passed much faster than I anticipated, but it's been productive. Thanksgiving is a popular holiday here, so I suppose there's that more immediate.


Oct. 13th, 2017

[ 9 ]

Hallowe'en really isn't as big of a deal in England as it is here. People still celebrate it but I know more people who celebrate Samhain than Hallowe'en. For the international students, do you celebrate Hallowe'en? If so, how?

Is our house going to do what it does every year for the school affair or are we going to try to break the mold this year?

[ JOHN ]
I know that Samhain is an important holiday for anyone who uses magic, but will it occupy you the whole night?

Everything is in order. We start filming on Sunday. I have the film schedule lined up and everyone should be working on their lines. It's happening. It's actually happening. Of cousre it would happen. I've worked entirely too hard on this to not let it happen. Let's hope that the casting call was enough. If this doesn't work out, I—No, it will work out. It has to.

Sep. 29th, 2017

[ 8 ]

Thank you for any of you who auditioned for the film. You should receive an email shortly regarding the result of your audition.

I need your help with the twins.

Sep. 2nd, 2017

[ 7 ] Filtered

Thank you for signing up for possibly auditioning for my film. The time has come to start preparing for auditions, so here is what you need to know.

I'm emailing you a packet with a list of characters and a brief description of their personality and relevant parts of their own history from which you can interpret the character better. I've also included a portion of the script, including a few select scenes that you'll want to familiarize yourself with for the audition.

Upon arrival, you'll be expected to turn in the form at the end of the packet that acknowledges you're auditioning for the role and you will not use or take any portion of the script or characters and use them elsewhere. Legal jargon that is written simply enough for easy consumption.

Open auditions for my film project will be September 9 (Saturday) at 2:00 p.m. at Martin & Marvin's Modern Theatre. Those arriving at 4:00 p.m. will not be allowed to audition. I should have a final cast set by the end of the month and I will commence filming beginning after I clear through the last of pre-production matters.

And yes, you will be given a paycheck for participation. $125 per day, if you must know. That will only be for those in leading and supporting roles. Extras will be paid as well but at a lower but still reasonable rate.

*OOC: The filter is for any characters who ended up talking to Felicity about wanting to audition for an acting role in her movie.

[ GIL ]
Why did you offer to help me with my film?

Aug. 17th, 2017

[ 6 ] Students Only

I'll be working on an independent film as part of a project for this school year. I am curious to see who might be interested in performing. I'll be holding open auditions for various roles but not just for students here. I'm opening it up to the teens and adults of Camden as well. It will have a moderate budget and it would be good experience for any interested in pursuing a career in film or acting.

The logline for the film is as follows:
A young man discovers his best friend murdered and must piece together the clues that reveal the darkness his small town has long kept hidden.
It will be a take at the neo-noir genre and be a dramatic piece. If you're interested, I'll have a sign up sheet. I'll post the date for auditions once I get my timeline approved by Mr. Farrell. I have every intention of submitting this film to film festivals, so only inquire if you're serious about acting as a craft.

I'm also happy to speak with anyone interested in getting involved with the production of the film itself.

Jan. 10th, 2017

[ 5 ]

The Golden Globes this past Sunday were rather predictable. Hollywood does love a musical, and so it's not surprising that La La Land performed so well. I rather liked it and it's something of a breath of fresh air compared to other musicals I've seen. And it's original too. That's even better.

I still have to see Moonlight, but I did watch Fences last weekend and it was absolutely brilliant. I love this time of year.